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Q. What are my obligations as a tester?

No pressure! We're really interested in your honest feedback, so we ask that you send us your thoughts or any issues you discover. We may occasionally reach out to you with a survey questions. However, you can decide to stop testing at anytime. 


Q. Can I talk about the Cake Beta?

The first rule of testing Cake is ALWAYS talk about testing Cake! In other words, you are not restricted from talking about or showing Cake to friends and family. If a friend expresses interest in testing Cake, you can direct them to this page.


Q. What if I find a bug/issue while testing?

First, pat yourself on the back - finding issues is part of what makes you a great tester. The app has a 'Feedback' button where you can send us a quick note about any issue you find. We'll followup if we need more info.  


Q. How can I be the best beta tester ever?

Simply put Cake in your dock and use it a lot. The more you use the app and send feedback the better Cake will be.   

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